FIG is an independently run student organization at Haverford College for students with interests in computers, web design, programming, and other computing resources. FIG was founded on the principle that student computing resources should be managed by students and available in a format that is readily accessible to all members of the community who have a curiosity to explore and learn about technology in an organized setting.

The purpose of FIG is to allow members of the Bi-Co community to constructively and actively learn about the methods of creating and employing technology. That being said, FIG projects inheritly have sub-goals that are meant to benefit the Bi-Co community as a whole. Thus, FIG has many reasons for doing what it does -- but these are all traceable back to a conscious desire to learn and engineer. Specifically, FIG strives to provide services to the entirety of the Haverford community. FIG does this through a variety of means -- from arcade machines to the Go!-Boards -- but these are just ends. FIG's true goal is to provide its members with a way of exploring and learning about technology and computing; simply put, FIG does what its members want to do.

Current Meeting Information
Wednesdays @ 9PM in the FIG Room (DC Basement)
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"Computing for students, by students."